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New car lead times: The benefits of car subscription

April 1, 2023

New car lead times: The benefits of car subscription 

The length of new car lead times: why they matter

Getting a new car is exciting, but the anticipation can quickly wear off when you’re left waiting for months to receive the keys. And that’s the problem with a brand new car: the lead times aren’t what you’d think when you first take a look around the showroom. They can vary greatly, with some models taking months to arrive – and when you’re badly in need of a new car, that’s the last thing you want. Let’s take a look at new car lead times and other solutions that can speed up the process.

The hassle of waiting for a new car: traditional lead times explained

The process of buying a new car can be frustrating. No sooner have you hopped into the demonstration model and got your heart set on it, than the dealer is reluctantly explaining to you that there will be a few months to wait before you’re able to pick up the keys.

So why is the wait time for new cars so long? Well, for a start, there are long waiting periods for new car delivery because manufacturing and transport lead times are higher than you might think. The average is four months, but for some cars, for which demand is particularly strong – such as hybrid and electric – the wait could be even longer, possibly even twice that. They’re also unpredictable and can change quickly depending on the market and any crises to affect it, such as shortages of a particular part.

Add to this the fact that it can often be difficult to obtain your preferred model or colour, and that you may have limited options for customisation, and a new car starts to look like a somewhat less convenient option. The process of researching, choosing and buying a new car is already lengthy enough, so coupled with the pressure you’ll be under from the dealer to make a quick decision, it can add up to a frustrating experience all round. Luckily, there is a better way.

Speed up the car buying process: how car subscription can help

Fed up with waiting around for a new car, and having to make compromises on the type of car you end up with? With a car subscription, that’s not something you’ll have to do. Replace the frustrations of a new car with the freedom of a car subscription and you’ll realise that ‘car usership’ is a lot more convenient than ‘car ownership’ for a whole host of reasons, including:

  • Change cars whenever you like: with a car subscription, you’ll be able to try out different car models, changing them with just one month’s notice. That’s in stark contrast to owning a car, which you’re stuck with until you find a buyer for it.
  • Easy budgeting: car subscriptions include pretty much everything in a single fixed monthly payment, including insurance, road tax, tyres, maintenance and breakdown cover. Just add fuel or charge the vehicle. 
  • No long-term commitment: looking for a low-commitment car option? Instead of paying a lot of money into a car that will depreciate the moment you drive it off the forecourt, a car subscription allows you to enjoy the perks of car ownership without being tied in. You’re only ever committed to a month at a time, so you can end your contract should you need to.
  • Access to a wider range of cars: no more having to wait for the car you want – with a car subscription, they’re all in stock, and you can road test (and lifestyle test) different car models and brands, right away, without having to buy them.
  • Lower upfront costs: new car ownership options mean you have to find large amounts of money upfront. With a car subscription, you only pay a month’s subscription in advance, which you get back when you return the keys.
  • Forget about maintenance: unlike car ownership, you’ll never have to worry about routine or unexpected maintenance bills with a car subscription – it’s all taken care of in your monthly fee.

Car subscription drastically speeds up the process of getting a new car, with delivery in as little as seven days. That means it’s also a great solution if you decide that you ultimately do want to own a car, but need a stop-gap solution while you wait.

Get your new car faster: the benefits of car subscription summed up

When you just want to get on with life, waiting around for a new car for months on end is far from ideal – especially if your current car is becoming unreliable, or your lease has come to an end and you’re now making costly monthly payments to extend it. 

These frustrations can be swiftly dealt with by taking out a car subscription, which replaces long lead times with a great range of in-stock cars that could be on your drive in as little as seven days. Not only that, but you’ll only have to find a fraction of the money upfront, and you’ll simplify budgeting going forward. What’s more, if the model you’ve chosen doesn’t work out, or your circumstances change, you can hand the keys back, no questions asked.

Discover the freedom of car subscription today: take the first step

Instead of worrying about car delivery time, why not think outside the box. When it comes to car solutions, you may find that subscription allows you to enjoy brand new cars with much shorter waiting times.

By considering a car subscription as an alternative to buying a car, you’re making a choice that gives you the freedom to adapt your car to your lifestyle whenever you need to, with none of the waiting, none of the long-term commitment and none of the unexpected bills associated with traditional car ownership. Browse our cars and see what you could be having delivered as soon as next week.