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How flexible are car subscriptions?

April 12, 2023

How flexible are car subscriptions?

Car subscriptions are taking the automotive world by storm, offering an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional car ownership and leasing. They take the monthly subscription model we’re used to in other walks of life – for services like Netflix and Prime – and apply it to cars for ultimate flexibility. You pay a fixed monthly fee that covers both the car and most of its running costs. 

But just how flexible is flexible? Here’s our complete guide to the flexibility of car subscriptions and how they measure up compared to traditional ownership models. 

Flexibility and convenience 

A flexible car subscription starts by offering a selection of vehicles to match every style and taste. From city cars to SUVs, petrol cars to fully electric vehicles, there’s a wide range to choose from when it comes to subscriptions. 

Of course, flexibility is also about recognising when your needs change. Car subscriptions are designed to adjust according to changing circumstances. For example, if you have a baby or get a dog, you might need to exchange your little city car for a more spacious SUV. Similarly, if you get a new job and need a car that’s better suited to commuting, a car subscription gives you the flexibility to change to a more economical vehicle so that you don’t have to spend as much on fuel.

The flexibility and convenience of a car subscription also extends to payments. With traditional car ownership or leasing, you have no choice but to find the capital for a substantial upfront payment, and that money is then tied up in the car (which depreciates all the time). On top of that, you also have to budget for additional monthly costs, including interest, running costs and maintenance, which can be unpredictable once you factor in unexpected repair bills. 

With car subscriptions, payments are all-inclusive so everything is taken care of. Not only that, low upfront payments mean you never have too much capital tied up in your car. With Drive Fuze, you’ll even get your initial payment back when you return the keys.

Once additional time, costs, convenience and flexibility are factored in, subscription services can prove to be great value for money compared to traditional car ownership. 

Customising a car subscription

Another consideration when assessing a car subscription’s flexibility is how easily it can be customised. At Drive Fuze, we offer a range of customisation options that allow you to tailor your subscription to fit your needs. For example, you might want to add:

  • Another driver – you’ll be able to add another person to your subscription if someone else needs to use the vehicle as well
  • Extra mileage – you’ll have 1,000 miles included as standard, but you can buy more if you think you’ll need them
  • EU coverage – if you need extra insurance to cover driving in the EU, it’s no problem. We can  add this to your subscription and the price will depend on how long you plan to drive outside the UK - find out more by calling our Customer Experience Team on 0330 118 0947

Of course, you can just as easily remove any of these features as add them, because your subscription is flexible enough to change with your circumstances.* That might apply if you’re no longer commuting and won’t be needing the extra mileage, for example, or if you no longer need an extra driver. Whatever changes life throws at you, the flexibility of your car subscription means there’s one less thing to worry about.

*It’s worth bearing in mind that some car subscription providers may charge fees for modifying your subscription, so be sure to check your agreement carefully.

Pausing or cancelling a car subscription

The true test of the flexibility of a car subscription is how easily you can pause or cancel it. We’ve talked more about this in our article on cancelling a car subscription, but to recap, it couldn’t be easier to cancel a subscription with Drive Fuze.

You’re never committed for more than a month, and you can bring your subscription to an end with just 14 days’ notice. The great thing about our subscriptions is that when you cancel, not only are there no penalties to pay, but you also get a refund of the initial month’s upfront payment you made at the start of your subscription.

If you cancel your subscription before it begins, there may be a penalty depending on how quickly you cancel and how soon it is before your subscription was due to begin. With Drive Fuze, this could amount to a £100 admin fee or your first month’s payment. To avoid this, it’s always worth planning ahead to ensure a smooth pause or cancellation process.

Wrapping up

Car subscription offers total flexibility at an uncertain time. No matter what life throws at you, you can make amendments like adding or removing drivers and even cancel with short notice periods and minimum fuss. What’s more, when your circumstances change, so can your car. 

With low upfront payments, all-inclusive monthly fees and the ability to cancel at any time, a Drive Fuze car subscription offers ultimate flexibility and the peace of mind that comes with it. Browse our cars and find the perfect one for you today.