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Electric cars in the UK: Why subscriptions are a game changer

October 13, 2023

Electric cars in the UK: Why subscriptions are a game changer

We are more eco-conscious than ever, and this is reflected in many of the choices people are making day-to-day. One of the biggest shifts we’ve seen over the last number of years has been the rise of the electric car.

Electric cars now number close to 850,000 on British roads, with more than 500,000 further plug-in hybrids also roaming our streets. In fact, 20% of all new car registrations in August 2023 were electric vehicles (EVs), with many drivers seeing the benefits of going electric.

The environmental advantages are clear to see, with zero emissions and reduced noise pollution two of the key selling points of electric cars. EVs also have lower fuel costs than a standard car, making them more economical despite the higher upfront cost. However, there are some disadvantages to electric cars that sometimes get glossed over, with limited range and long repair times both huge barriers to further uptake.

Addressing key EV issues  

1. High insurance premiums

EV owners often face high insurance premiums, particularly when compared to a standard car. Some of the main reasons behind this include the typically higher upfront cost of purchasing an electric car, the higher cost of repair due to the often advanced electrical systems in these vehicles, and the still somewhat limited availability of appropriate repair services with not all auto shops being equipped to handle EVs just yet.

With comprehensive insurance and all your servicing and maintenance already priced in, a Drive Fuze all-inclusive car subscription could be just the thing to relieve you of the worry of a high insurance premium, while still allowing you to reap all the benefits of driving an electric car.

2. Range issues due to lack of infrastructure

Another common issue is range, which generally lacks that of traditional counterparts, made worse by a charging infrastructure which cannot match demand, especially in rural communities or those who cannot park on a driveway outside their house. Electric car owners need to plan out their journeys - particularly if travelling long distances - to ensure they can access a charging station. While this issue is being improved consistently as the infrastructure becomes more developed, it may still put some people off considering an EV.

While there’s certainly still a learning curve associated with making the change to electric, the ongoing efforts to expand the UK’s charging network are improving all the time.

3. Battery weight and write-offs

EV batteries are significantly heavier than the typical fuel system in a combustion engine, and this can have a serious impact should the car be involved in an incident. Accidents that may not have seen a standard vehicle declared a write-off may lead to the total loss of an EV due to the added weight and high cost associated with battery replacement. However, modern EVs are equipped with a wide range of safety mechanisms specifically designed to protect the battery. These safety features are likely to get even more advanced as battery technology continues to improve.

Drive Fuze aims to take these worries off your mind entirely by offering a full suite of maintenance and replacement services as part of your car subscription. We can take care of any battery-related issues quickly and efficiently to make sure that all you need to think about is your next destination.

4. Delays in repairs

The infrastructure for EVs is growing, but it's still quite a bit behind that of traditional vehicles. When something does go wrong, trying to find a suitable technician can be difficult. Not all repair shops are equipped to handle electric vehicles, leading to long waits and more time off the road. Add to this the limited availability of certain parts due to EVs only taking up a small proportion of the market and these wait times can be extended even further.

This is one area where a Drive Fuze subscription gives you a huge advantage. Our comprehensive servicing and maintenance suite included in every subscription ensures that if something does happen, our vast network of qualified experts will be able to get you back on the road in no time at all.

Similar issues with hybrids

Hybrids are often suggested as a ‘best of both worlds’ approach and as a better alternative to an electric car. However, it’s important to note that many of the issues discussed above also affect hybrids. Higher upfront costs and insurance premiums are likely, and range anxiety will still exist despite the safety net a hybrid’s internal combustion engine provides.

Hybrids do offer some solid advantages over both EVs and traditional vehicles, with increased fuel efficiency, no total reliance on the still-developing charging infrastructure, and a track record of proven technology and reliability.  

The British government is aiming to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2035 – extended from 2030 due to a lack of infrastructure development. With this in mind, the time to start considering an electric or hybrid vehicle is now.

The future of EVs in the UK: a look at changing laws and perceptions

The laws to eradicate non-EV vehicle sales put the UK in line with similar plans from the EU. However, there’s strong opposition to the timeline extension, with many claiming the original 2030 target could be reinstated. This radical change to how the UK views and uses cars has been developed as a way to help the government achieve its net zero targets.

Achieving this goal will be difficult, with a lot of work needed to develop appropriate infrastructure and address vehicle availability. Work is also needed on the general perception of EVs. Currently, despite the increasing uptake each year, many of the British public see a move towards electric cars as an unnecessary step and one that is only going to cost them more money.

These reservations pave the way for many to consider a new way of driving that avoids traditional car ownership — a subscription service. With a car subscription, you can have all the advantages offered by EVs and hybrids without the set-up costs. It also allows you to remain compliant with these new laws, while giving you a chance to get first-hand experience of an EV without committing to buy one outright.

Subscriptions: The stress-free solution for electric and hybrid mobility

Utilising a subscription service like the ones offered by us at Drive Fuze allows you to avoid a lot of the hassle involved in the typical transition to an electric vehicle. You get to avoid the increased upfront costs, save yourself time and money through our comprehensive and inclusive servicing and maintenance options, and avoid any lengthy repair delays. Our all-inclusive packages cover insurance, maintenance, charging and so much more. This allows you to focus on what actually matters instead of having to worry about all the extra hassle that can sometimes come with moving to an electric car.

If you want peace of mind and true convenience, then maybe a car subscription is right up your street. Find out more about our electric car subscriptions today by clicking right here.