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Comparing car subscription vs other options: Making an informed choice

September 11, 2023

Comparing car subscription vs other options: Making an informed choice

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of a Drive Fuze all-inclusive car subscription versus alternative options to drive a new car.

In this comprehensive car subscription guide, you’ll learn the insights you need to make a confident vehicle decision. We’ll cover the specifics of a Drive Fuze car subscription service, look at the benefits, and compare it against other alternatives.  

We'll help you understand why Drive Fuze subscriptions might be the better choice for your driving needs.

Drive Fuze car subscription vs other options  

So, what are your alternative options to a flexible Drive Fuze car subscription?

Your common choices include leasing a car, car finance, or PCP:

Leasing a car

Leasing a car involves renting it for a long time, with drivers never owning it. With a lease, you pay an initial deposit and monthly payments which are calculated at the start of the contract. Deposit-wise, you’ll often be expected to pay three months up front, and if you are able to pay a lower deposit, your monthly installments will be higher.  

Leasing is often a good option for drivers who want a new car without paying a substantial upfront payment. However, it’s important to note that leasing contracts often contain mileage limits with strict penalties for exceeding these. If you choose to lease a car, ensure you understand what’s covered in your contract, for example, if servicing and maintenance costs are included.  

Car finance

Car financing is essentially a loan to buy a car, and monthly payments pay off the entire cost of the purchase. To this end, you’ll often make higher monthly payments than leasing or PCP options, but you'll eventually own the car. For some drivers, it’s important to own the car at the end, and this option can be more cost-effective long term.  

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)

With PCP, the same as leasing, you pay an initial deposit (often fairly high).  

The monthly repayments are calculated based on the difference in value between the car's new purchase price and its second-hand projected value at the end of the contract. Compared to leasing, PCP often involves lower monthly payments.

Typically, PCP repayments are made over two or three years, and you can buy the vehicle at the end of the contract. Similar to leasing, PCP contracts often involve mileage limits, and it’s likely you won’t be able to modify your chosen vehicle - such as changing wheels, upgrading exhausts, or making alterations to the bodywork.  

Of course, leasing, car finance, and PCP aren’t your only choices. There are further options available, such as a car subscription. More and more drivers are choosing car subscriptions as the new and viable alternative to standard car leasing and PCP.

One of the significant advantages of car subscription over leasing and PCP agreements is the rolling monthly contract. This means you experience the freedom of using your new car for however long you need it.  

What's included in a Drive Fuze monthly subscription?

When you choose a Drive Fuze monthly car subscription, you choose flexibility and simplicity.

Along with your chosen vehicle, you will also benefit from:

  • All service and maintenance costs
  • Breakdown cover
  • New tyres as necessary (fair wear and tear)
  • 1,000 miles per month as standard
  • Fully comprehensive insurance

Empowering your decision  

At Drive Fuze, we want to empower you with the knowledge necessary to make informed choices that fit best with your needs and lifestyle. Now you have a thorough understanding of your driving options, you can make a confident decision.  

Why choose a Drive Fuze subscription?  

All our cars come with the freedom of a rolling monthly agreement, a low upfront deposit and an all-inclusive single monthly payment. We take care of everything for you - from tax and insurance to servicing, maintenance, new tyres, and roadside assistance. All great benefits a traditional lease or PCP plan can’t offer.  

We even deliver it to your door - all you need to do is add fuel (or charge it if you’ve chosen an electric or hybrid vehicle). And once you’re finished with it, or want to switch the car for an alternative, you can just hand the car back.

Choosing a Drive Fuze car subscription means a driving solution that fits with your lifestyle.

Ready to get out on the road?

Deciding on the right car type and the best agreement method for you requires careful consideration - which is why this guide exists. By exploring the differences between Drive Fuze subscriptions and other options, you can make an informed choice that’s tailored to your needs.  

As you think about the benefits, costs, and inclusions, keep in mind that a Drive Fuze subscription isn't just a service - it's a pathway to convenience, value, and a truly personalised experience. Simply find a car you like and you could be on the road within a week.